Ultimate Weakness: SHINee in Glasses

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That cat tho! Hahahahahaha!!!


That cat tho! Hahahahahaha!!!


Surplus Princess episode 2’s greatest moment so far

That awkward moment when someone’s voice doesn’t match their appearance.








Face of a princess.


Voice of a trucker.

Cute tall elf


Voice of an angry bear.

Face of an assassin


Voice of a pre-teen girl

Looks like your wet dream


Sounds like your nightmare

Face of a 12 year old


Voice of a 30 years old smoker

FFace like a sexy mofo


Voice of a pre-teen girl on helium.

 A face that holds a pair of eyes so intense your soul crumbles


Voice of a mist fairy.




when a kpop song is stuck in your head but you don’t know the lyrics to it.

sorry sorry sorry sorry nickel nickel nickel magic nickel nickel nickel banjo banjo banjo banjo baby

that is exactly how that song sounds in my head


Hello to all of our lovely followers! We are both SO EXCITED to be doing a joint giveaway!! **SQUEEE** We both love and appreciate you all so much for making our days on Tumblr brighter! This time we have decided to do a themed giveaway for the Almighty Key!

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~ Rinn & Abbey ~ xoxo

person: omg that is so shiny
me: did someone say SHINee